Saturday, November 10, 2012

An 'Enchanted' Christmas!

Hello my fellow readers! It's that time of year again. :) Christmas is nearing, my favourite time of the year. 

The time for giving, yummy Noche Buenas, and chilly weather. Where everybody is relatively nicer, happier and families all get together. When malls fill their vicinities with lots of bright lights and prepossessing poinsettias.. 

Anyway, enough of the Christmas talk.. I'm here to share with you Enchanted Desserts' Christmas menu! 

What better way to spread your love this Christmas than by sending your loved ones a box of Enchanting Cupcakes? :)

These cupcakes are only made with Premium ingredients and lots of love. <3


So what're you waiting for? Pre-order your cupcakes now! ;)

If you want to order, you can text: 09178951015

Hope to hear from you guys! :) 

Lots of love,

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teenage Dream

This post is certainly long over due, but it's better late than never, right? 

Last month on the 19th of October, my dreams came true. *laughs* kidding aside, a band I loved deeply came to Manila!!

The Jonas Brothers aren't exactly the best band in terms of vocal range, but there's just something about that Disney boy band I fell in love with during my grade school/high school days... it was probably their charm and sweet catchy tune that swooned me over. 

The MOA Arena is so huge! So sadly, the crowd didn't fill up all spaces but surprisingly this was the loudest crowd I've ever witnessed. I mean, imagine all the fan girls who've waited around 7 years for their arrival. CRAZY!!! And just to prove my statement, here's a link to how loud the crowd was that night:

Outfit of the day:

Chiffon Top: Taipei - Jeans: UNIQLO
Necklace: Birthday Gift - Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Charles & Keith - Watch: Fossil

I don't wear jeans often, but I just had to buy these pair from UNIQLO not only for its colour, but it's ultra stretch material makes it extremely comfortable to move in. :)

Molten Lava Cake with a Shot of Vanilla Ice Cream!!

I was screaming my heart out for Nick Jonas!! I swear, he's my boyfriend.. he just doesn't know it yet. HAHAHAHA. *freaky* 

Here's Iona, my best friend. :) She's the girl I always break into song with during our Jonas years.. *FAN GIRL MODE* 

There were a couple of songs we hoped they would sing like:

1. When You Look Me In The Eyes
2. Hello Beautiful
3. Love Bug
and the list goes on...

Happy to say, they sang all of those and more!!
They even sang one of my favourites entitled 'Give Love A Try' from their Disney sitcom JONAS

It was definitely great reminiscing. For that night, I felt like I was in Grade school all over again... 

I'm very grateful that VISA gave me tickets to watch The Jonas Brothers. :)

It wasn't my first time at the Platinum Suite, during my previous entries I wrote on my Lady Gaga experience which you can read on here: 

Every time spent at the VISA box is a great one! Not only are they very accommodating, but the food is always outstanding. :)

The platinum suite will be used for VISA promotions and lucky card holders will have the chance to experience all the perks that come with it for future concerts and shows at the arena.

So what're you waiting for? 
Switch to VISA now! ;)

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