Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jolly John Hay

Everytime we're up in Baguio, Camp John Hay is always always part of our itinerary. It's actually only one of the few times I'd rather walk than take a car. The weather is always chilly (even during the summer). That is actually why we Filipinos call it the summer capital of the Philippines. People like going up to Baguio to getaway from all the heat else where. 

Apart from the beach, Baguio would be have to be part of my favourite Philippine getaway. :) 

Riding horses would be part of our itinerary as well as a kid, but we stopped doing it as teenagers. Mainly because, some horses looked sickly and we felt bad for them. 

The smelling of pine trees and just admiring all of natures beauty is one of the reasons why I love walking in Baguio so much. 

It's never a great trip without taking cheesy photos like these that will make you just laugh in the future. ;)

I always find myself to be extremely lucky with butterflies when taking photos at The Manor! This was third time I caught such a photo. :)

What I had for lunch at The Manor! Baby back ribs, my favourite!! Which by the way, I had everyday this whole trip. First at Baguio Country Club, then The Manor, and The Forest House. I'd have to say out of the three, The Manor's was my favourite. :)

If staying at the Baguio Country Club wasn't such a tradition, I'd opt for The Manor. I've only stayed there twice, but each time I visit, I always leave with a smile. The people are all very pleasant and the place is just absolutely breath taking! :)

Every Christmas season, they adorn The Manor with all these perfect photo-op pieces. 

Like my favourite one from two years ago, the little candy house! 

I love how we're all colour coordinated and didn't even have to plan it! :")

My Outfit of the day:

Chiffon top, Shades & Brown Boots: Forever 21 - Denim shorts: American Eagle - High socks: Karl Edwards Bazaar - Brown belt: Armani Exchange - Gold necklace & Bangles: The Ramp

Forgive me for another cheesy shot. Ableit, you've got to admit jumping shots are the cutest! 

Ended our second day at Baguio by visiting some of Baguio's scariest places! First this cemetery, then the Hiatt Hotel (which is no longer existent due to the infamous Baguio earthquake.) I'm not just saying this, but we all really did feel eerie!!! But that might just be the nerves speaking. I mean, I'm not exactly known to be the bravest. So by visiting those places I tried conquering my fear a tad bit. 

My uncle told me once that I should do something that scared me every now and then so I could try and face my fears one step at a time. 

I'm not saying I'm not anymore scared of the dead and the dark, but I'm getting there... or at least, I think I am. :P

The New Years coming up, and I suggest you go and give it a try! ;) For whatever your fear may be. 

For a better glimpse on the whole trip, check out the video I made:

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is never complete without our annual family trip to Baguio. Sadly, I did not get to go up with my family last year, so I was extra excited to go up this year. Not only because I missed last year, but because my two neighbors (Clara and Claudia Pettersen) were coming to join us since they've never been to Baguio before!!

This year was the first time I took the bus up to Baguio. We didn't have enough space in our car to fit everyone so we opted for the Victory Liner Deluxe Bus instead. It was actually not at all bad! Who could complain when you had a big enough reclinable chair, great aircon, and free wifi! 

We chose the bus with no stop overs, so we got up in about four and a half hours. Not that bad a time! I was actually surprised. 

Forgive me for trying the colour accent out. It's been quite awhile since I've had a Canon camera. Super loving my new gadget addition! :") 

My very close friend Bai, was in Baguio too so I made sure to meet up with her before she left that same night. We went to the Baguio Country Club's little 'Winter Wonderland' and took all the touristy photos you could possibly imagine! HAHA. 

Like this photo for example. Haha!

I was elated when I saw how the photos turned out. Can you believe that a point and shoot took this! For all you readers wondering, all the photos were taken with my new Canon G15. It definitely is my favourite gadget at the moment! It's quite compact for all its capabilities. If you own a DSLR like me, and you're thinking of getting something more compact, I highly suggest the Canon G15! :)

Outfit of the day:

Knitted Sweater - Red Tank Top - Jeans - Brown Boots: Forever 21

We didn't exactly do much on our first day but go take touristy photos, play ping-pong and eat at my favourite Japanese restaurant located at the club, Hamada. I always look forward to eating there because it feels so authentic with the tepanyaki table and everything. Nonetheless, it was a fun day spent with these lovelies! 

For a better glimpse on the whole trip, check out the video I made:

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bazaar Season

I love going to Bazaars! The St. James Bazaar most especially. It's actually one of the few reasons I look forward to when Christmas is nearing because that's the only time of the year this bazaar occurs. It's the villages way of raising funds for the St. James Chruch. :) 

Never have I left this bazaar empty handed! There's always something that makes me go "Aww, I gotta have that!!" or "Oh wow, that's really cute."

Take this necklace for instance!

or this watch! (that my friend eventually bought) and this cute little pouch below. :")

During the previous year, my friend and I bought matching "DIET TODAY!" ballers. We found it extremely fitting to our never ending, Oh gosh "I-feel-so-fat-but-I-want-to-eat-the-world." mentality. 

Being the forgetful one, I accidentally misplaced mine but thankfully got to buy another one this year! So everytime I look at my arm, I am reminded not literally to "DIET TODAY!" but to control what I eat. :)

I know I said that this was my favourite bazaar, but the only downside to it is that it is EXTREMELY hot. No exaggeration there. When shopping at the St. James Bazaar, be sure to wear something comfortable and preferably breezy! 

That awfully hot day was saved by PINKERTON! :) It wasn't hard at all to spot, I mean look at how cute their vintage looking ice cream carriage is. I bet a lot of you may know that I am in love with all things sweet, so I jumped for joy when I saw all the flavours available. 

I went to the bazaar during the first and second day and got to try all their flavours available including their 'Dulce de Leche with Sea Salt'. All were fairly yummy and tasted JUST like what I imagined it to taste like in my head. 

I don't normally favour savoury when it comes to ice cream flavours, but I must say that Pinkerton's Guava Basil was probably one of the best flavours of theirs I've tasted! 

You all probably think of Sebastian's when you think of cool ice cream flavours, and yes, Sebastian's may be good.. up until Pinkerton came along! I suggest you all try it yourselves. ;)

Meet my beautiful friend, Bai whom I go to the St. James Bazaar with every single year!! It's become somewhat our little tradition ever since the first time about five years ago. :)

Every year, we bring a new set of people, and this year she decided to bring her college friends Jess and Corinne along. *Check out our unplanned shoe colour coordination! ;)

Here are a few other things I fancied when going around the bazaar:

Customized Posters and Book Lockets. :)


I hope this post lured you into going to the next St. James Bazaar! It definitely is worth the trip to Alabang, I promise. :)

 There really is a little something for everybody at the bazaar whether it be fashion, food, or furniture related. The St. James Bazaar is definitely the bazaar to be at during the holidays! 

I know this post is beyond late, but I hope that all of you had a splendid Christmas. <3

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

An 'Enchanted' Christmas!

Hello my fellow readers! It's that time of year again. :) Christmas is nearing, my favourite time of the year. 

The time for giving, yummy Noche Buenas, and chilly weather. Where everybody is relatively nicer, happier and families all get together. When malls fill their vicinities with lots of bright lights and prepossessing poinsettias.. 

Anyway, enough of the Christmas talk.. I'm here to share with you Enchanted Desserts' Christmas menu! 

What better way to spread your love this Christmas than by sending your loved ones a box of Enchanting Cupcakes? :)

These cupcakes are only made with Premium ingredients and lots of love. <3


So what're you waiting for? Pre-order your cupcakes now! ;)

If you want to order, you can text: 09178951015

Hope to hear from you guys! :) 

Lots of love,

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teenage Dream

This post is certainly long over due, but it's better late than never, right? 

Last month on the 19th of October, my dreams came true. *laughs* kidding aside, a band I loved deeply came to Manila!!

The Jonas Brothers aren't exactly the best band in terms of vocal range, but there's just something about that Disney boy band I fell in love with during my grade school/high school days... it was probably their charm and sweet catchy tune that swooned me over. 

The MOA Arena is so huge! So sadly, the crowd didn't fill up all spaces but surprisingly this was the loudest crowd I've ever witnessed. I mean, imagine all the fan girls who've waited around 7 years for their arrival. CRAZY!!! And just to prove my statement, here's a link to how loud the crowd was that night:

Outfit of the day:

Chiffon Top: Taipei - Jeans: UNIQLO
Necklace: Birthday Gift - Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Charles & Keith - Watch: Fossil

I don't wear jeans often, but I just had to buy these pair from UNIQLO not only for its colour, but it's ultra stretch material makes it extremely comfortable to move in. :)

Molten Lava Cake with a Shot of Vanilla Ice Cream!!

I was screaming my heart out for Nick Jonas!! I swear, he's my boyfriend.. he just doesn't know it yet. HAHAHAHA. *freaky* 

Here's Iona, my best friend. :) She's the girl I always break into song with during our Jonas years.. *FAN GIRL MODE* 

There were a couple of songs we hoped they would sing like:

1. When You Look Me In The Eyes
2. Hello Beautiful
3. Love Bug
and the list goes on...

Happy to say, they sang all of those and more!!
They even sang one of my favourites entitled 'Give Love A Try' from their Disney sitcom JONAS

It was definitely great reminiscing. For that night, I felt like I was in Grade school all over again... 

I'm very grateful that VISA gave me tickets to watch The Jonas Brothers. :)

It wasn't my first time at the Platinum Suite, during my previous entries I wrote on my Lady Gaga experience which you can read on here: 

Every time spent at the VISA box is a great one! Not only are they very accommodating, but the food is always outstanding. :)

The platinum suite will be used for VISA promotions and lucky card holders will have the chance to experience all the perks that come with it for future concerts and shows at the arena.

So what're you waiting for? 
Switch to VISA now! ;)

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