Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Cebu Adventure: Ironman 70.3

Every year, the Ironman 70.3 race is held in Cam Sur but they decided to take it to the beautiful city of Mactan this year. Today, was the awaited race day!! The reason why we all gathered in Cebu in the first place. 

The sun wasn't even up yet, as I was up at 4 am just to watch my dad and uncle race today! I was so nervous and I wasn't even racing. Imagine how all the other triathletes felt.. 

My ironman daddy-o! :)

My favourite silly couple. :")

Amazing how during the first Ironman 70.3 in Cam Sur, there were only about 800 participants and now there are 1,800 in counting! Crazy. 

So inspiring to know that this guy finished swimming 1.9km with only one leg...

While waiting for my dad and Tito Drew.. Ate Iya, Josh and I decided to indulge ourselves with my favourite belgian cookies that was popularized here, in Cebu.

I was around nine years-old when I tried these belgian cookies sent all the way from Cebu, and it was just love at first bite! :) 

Semi-sweet (their original flavour) would have to be my favourite of theirs. Although if you were wondering, they DO have other flavours! Such as:

*Dark, White, and Mint Chocolate*

We also decided to teach Ate Iya how to play Monopoly Deal... AND SHE WON. Can you believe?! It's beginners luck I'm telling you. :P

SPOTTED: wearing a black polo and aviators, my favourite interior designer; Kenneth Cobonpue in the flesh! :) 

First guy across the finish line, Pete Jacobs from Australia.

First to finish in the women's league!

First filipino to finish! 

This 5 year-old was the cutest! He wanted to go to the finish line to award his dad with the medal and say "You're a champion, Papa!" :")

Triathlon can be real intense!

Some fall..

Some decide to finish doing push-ups! 

And some just dance their way through. :)

Kudos to my Tito Drew! :)

This old guy finished the whole race!

1.9km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run


Ani de Leon Brown

Erwan Heussaff 

Kudos to my Ironman Daddy-o! :)

Mini pool for the tired triathletes.

Yet another innovative piece by Kenneth Cobonpue! What an awesome medal, right? 

Brothers flashing the biggest smiles as they both beat their previous time during the last Ironman. :) 

The best support team you could ever ask for! 


Thank God for the great weather today! The sun was scintillating and we all had our fair share of feeling the breeze. 

Ate Iya & Tito Drew with Matteo Guidicelli 

Just chilling with this coconut at hand and Piolo Pascual. HAHAHA nattt. 

Great minds think a like! Welcome to the Carbonara club. ;)

Ordered churros for dessert! Nomnom. 

Outfit of the day:

Zebra top: Karl Edwards Bazaar - Bead necklaces: Aldo Accessories - Shorts: Bayo - Watch: G-Shock by CASIO - Flip flops: Havaianas

Thumbs up for a great day in Cebu! There's nothing better than being there to support your family. :) Thumbs down for not remembering to apply sunblock before the race. You may not see it here, but I have the weirdest tan lines and a burnt face. :(

Hope this encourages you to want to train for a triathlon, like myself! *fingers crossed* that actually happens in the near future. HEHE.

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