Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hard Core Fun

I apologize immensely for my week long hiatus. One thing you probably don't know about me, is that... I love to sleep!! I try to catch on sleep every afternoon and I try to get at least nine hours of sleep a day. But ever since I started blogging, my sleeping pattern was getting to be quite uncanny. Most nights, I wouldn't sleep 'till past twelve. And for those of you who know me well, I would always say "that's-way-passed-my-school-day-bedtime".

Thing about blogging is that I enjoy it, a lot. Albeit, for me to update my blog regularly, takes a lot of my time... and this month will be quite the busy one because I almost am graduating from Culinary School!! Wish me luck as it's only weeks until I take the Australian finals. 

Regardless, a few of you have been asking what I do for my work out. Well, just two months back, I'd answer Planaforma. I loved it! The instructors were all pleasantly nice, plus I did feel the results quickly. (Only of course when I'd follow my strict diet plan.. Hehe.) Not only did I feel more toned (especially on my legs), it was fun because I knew quite a few people that took it as well... but then classes started getting really full and it would be hard for me to schedule an appointment, so I decided to try something I've been wanting to do since my tito's girlfriend, Iya told me about it. 

It's called: Core Kinesis

So what is Core Kinesis? Core Kinesis is a cable and pulley system work out. It enables 360-degree movements as opposed to using customary gym machines that only allow lateral movements. This work out tones the body and improves flexibility.

The gym I go to is located at Legends Hotel. It's tiny! As you can see in the photo above. It can only take up to three students per session and more often than not, my mum and I have the gym all to ourselves so it feels like our private little gym. 

When inquiring on Core Kinesis, I was a bit hesitant in joining as I was already enrolled in Planaforma and that work out in itself didn't come cheap. So I new I had to pick either this or that. 

I was totally sold when my tito's instructor said: "Imagine that this is your own little gym. It's opened 24 hours! When you can't sleep at 2am and have the sudden urge to work-out, then all you have to do is text." 

Obviously, I wouldn't be that crazy enough to text that late... but I love that it's definitely an option. Plus, as shallow as this sounds, I love that I can play my own iPod when working out. Music is so important to me. I wouldn't know what I'd do without it. 

My tito's girlfriend, Iya, has been doing it religiously for months now and look how far she's gotten! Honestly, I know it's gonna take me quite long to see those results. Being an aspiring pastry chef and all, it's hard to veer away from all the sweets. -_- But she's definitely one person I look up to when it comes to fitness! 

So here's to reaching my goal! Fingers crossed I actually stick to my diet this time. HEHEHE. So what're your goals? Comments are much loved below. I'd love to hear from you. :) 

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  1. Do they have a contact number?

    1. I don't have their landline, but you can contact my trainer. His name is Allan and his number is: 0927 974 5308 -- Hope this helps! Happy work out. :)

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