Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 'Suite' Life

Despite the depressing weather and recent floods, I'd have to say that the month of August is pretty awesome! Two long weekends? Just what I needed, really. So my mum decided to take a trip to Tagaytay (the nearest getaway from home). :)

When in Tagaytay, my favourite place to stay in is 'The Country Suites, Discovery'. It feels like such an authentic Bed 'n Breakfast place! Limited to only eight suites, it was definitely the perfect place for some relax and unwind. 

We were welcomed with fresh watermelon juice. :)

The service at any Discovery establishment, never fails to leave to leave me smiling. Whether it be in Boracay or Tagaytay, the employees always serve you with a smile and answer back politely saying either "certainly" or "absolutely!" :)

We arrived a little later than lunch so we ordered quickly. 

I ordered: Black Truffle Risotto with Crispy Soft Egg and Smoked Bacon 

Truffle + Risotto + Bacon, something that was just perfect for me! I didn't even have to think twice when ordering this.  Thankfully, it didn't disappoint at all. Everything was cooked perfectly I left with a clean plate and a happy tummy. :)

Penne "al Telefono"
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella di Buffalo, Tagaytay Basil

My brother ordered this. It was good but it was nothing compared to our favourite in Cibo

Orecchiette "Pepperomata" with Goat Cheese
Tagaytay Bell Pepper Sauce with Spicy Pepperoni Sausage

My mum liked it, but enjoyed my Risotto more. ;)

Ordered Crepes Nutella with Roasted Banana and Hazelnut for dessert!

Apparently, the suite we got was the biggest of the eight. It was really cozy! 

It even had a fire place. Perfect for the chilly Tagaytay weather that day! :)

The bathroom was HUGE. It was much bigger than the room I stayed in before. 

Wrote on our goal books outside in the balcony. Check out the beautiful scenery! For all you guys who don't know, that's the Taal volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. :)

After our afternoon snooze and our Star Wars marathon, my mum and I went down for some wine and cheese. :)

Paprika and Parsley flavoured Cream Cheese Spread was real good! Followed by some Brie and Emmental cheese. Ohh, it was a lovely afternoon spent with my Nelly. :) 

My mum and I call each other 'Nelly' -- Nels or Nellybean. T'was just a random nickname we decided to call each other. 

Nelly bondings are never complete without playing a board game! Scrabble being our favourite one because we always try our hardest to beat our mum. She's like the Scrabble queen it's almost impossible to dethrone her!

HAHA check out what we ended up spelling... -_-

So when in Tagaytay, be sure to check out Country Suites at Discovery! You won't regret it. Despite the horrid internet connection, my stay was nothing but short and perfect.

How did your long weekend go? :)

Country Suites, Discovery Tagaytay
300 Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City
4120 Philippines 
+ (63 46) 413.4567 (Tagaytay) 
+ (63 2) 529.8172 (Manila)
+(63 927)523.2139 

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