Friday, August 3, 2012

My Cebu Adventure: Best Pig in Town!

I know Sinulog isn't 'till January, but Cebu is pretty packed with people now for the Ironman 70.3 race that's taking place here in Mactan on Sunday! My dad and uncle are both racing again, so the whole family came with to cheer and support The A-team! :)

Outfit for the day:

Chiffon top: Forever 21 - Denim shorts: Bayo (DIY pants I just cut off) - Accessories: Taipei
Sandals: H&M - Hat: Terranova - Bag: Gift

We flew to Cebu via (PAL) Philippine Airlines. It wasn't exactly the greatest flight. It was tremendously bumpy, while in the air up until landing. 

We hurried over to Shangri-la Mactan to get my dad's race kit.  

I swear, every year I watch all these people especially my family do triathlons and I say to myself 'One day, one day..." It is definitely part of my bucket list to finish at least one triathlon!

The dinner everybody's been waiting for the prominent.. Zubochon! Cebu's best lechon. :)

Claimed to be the BEST PIG... EVER! By Anthony Bourdain, renowned international food critic. 

Zubochon Lechon

Small (1/2 kilo) P240.00 Large (1 kilo) P490.00

True enough, it did suffice to its motto. It was the crispiest lechon skin I've ever tasted! Cebu's lechon is known to be eaten without sauce. It's just THAT good. :)

Banana Turon with Dulce de Leche 

Doesn't that just sound SO tempting? The Dulce de Leche was definitely a good addition to one of the filipinos all time favourite snack. 

I highly recommend you try Zubochon when coming to Cebu! It was definitely the best pig I've ever tasted. :) 

Islands Stay Hotel Lobby
M.L. Quezon Avenue
Lapu-Lapu City

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