Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Kaohsiung Adventure

This would have to be my last post on my trip to Taiwan. :) I posted another entry on Kaohsiung here. It is often said that a photo is worth a thousand words, so let me leave you with an entry that people refer to often as "photo heavy". 

I only wish how we had something like this in the Philippines. It was so clean! It was such a joy riding it. 

Our first bullet train ride. :)

HEHE, I loved how they had signs of welcoming! So cute.

I'm not really a fan of receiving flowers, but I think that if I had to pick a favourite they would be the sunflower! 

Took a quick ride around their river using a solar powered boat. It actually used to be really stinky and dirty 10 years back, but with a lot of cleaning they revived it to something tourists would pretty much enjoy. :) ...If only they did that to the Pasig River.

Went to the Kaohsiung Night Market, where I didn't really find much clothes but I got to try lots of good street food! 

Mama Bernie and I enjoying the street food. :)

 It's cool how this guy doesn't just hand it to the customer but does a few tricks before doing so. Definitely something fun to watch!

Yummy chicken!!

Finally bought the talked about Pineapple cake for pasalubong. :)

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of beer. Although, I'd have to say their mango beer isn't so bad! It's pretty sweet, so I liked it. :)

The reason to why we had such a lovely time in Kaohsiung! Thank you guys for touring us around and feeding us. :) 

Taiwan was awfully fun and I really wouldn't mind going back. I do hope that another opportunity arises! If you love food and shopping like I do, I suggest you pay Taiwan a visit! It's a lovely place, people are nice, and things are cheap and more often than not reasonably priced. :)

Here are the rest of my Taiwan Adventures:

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