Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bourne Legacy

A few days ago, I attended the Bourne Legacy premiere in Resorts World thanks to VISA. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Matt Damon, but I did love Jeremy Renner (Hawk Eye) in The Avengers. Plus, having known that some parts of the movie were shot in Manila, Philippines made everything much more exhilarating to watch! 

Outfit of the day:

Top: Mosaic - Leggings: Promod
Accessories: Taipei and The Bead Shop
Bag: Accessorize It - Flats: H&M

One of my favourite black ballet flats (which I have in brown as well) like I said in my previous entry hereI can never have enough of them flats!

24/7 cinemas + cool flavoured popcorn just making me want to watch movies in Resorts World more often! 

*photos towards the end taken with my iPhone*

I'm not going to give anything away, but I thought that the movie was a bit too short and that they should've showed nicer parts of the Philippines! All in all, it was pretty cool. I enjoyed the action scenes. How did you guys like the movie? :)

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  1. The Philippines look like a dump in that movie. :|