Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last Friday Night

I could never become a pescatarian nor would I ever become a vegetarian. What more a vegan!? That just means, no cupcakes, pasta, ice cream and all things yummy that I love. :(

Last friday night was spent with one of my closest friends, Mirabai. She invited me to go to The Fort with her and her college friends so that we could show her friend from Germany a good time. :)

Having tried majority of the places in High Street, I had a few places in mind to where we could eat. Biggest challenge was, that we had a vegan with us... HAHA. A lot of places came to mind, but SLICE stood out with all their healthy food choices. I've eaten there a few times before, you can check my entry here.

Meet Sarah! She's from Waldorf, just like Bai and I. :)

Being the vegan that Sarah is, she had them eliminate the goat cheese. 

Barbecue Chicken Rice Melt (P390.00)

Barbecue chicken strips on brown rice covered with cheese.

You'd be crazy enough not to salivate when reading that! True enough, it tasted as good as it sounded. I highly recommend you try it when eating at SLICE

Monggo with Spinach and Tofu (P250.00)

Hearty monggo soup with spinach, chunks of tofu and a hint of curry. Served with mixed brown rice with an assortment of mix-ins.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich 

I'm a sucker for philly cheese steak sandwiches. I personally love the one from Brothers Burger! This one on the other hand, looked real yummy too. I'll probably try it out soon. :)

Headed to Jamba Juice for Sarah's first Jamba fix since they don't have it at all in Germany. :)

Definitely one fat ass stall. HAHA!

A few months ago, I tried this really good Italian Ice stall at Mercato Centrale and will never forget how yummy their Honey Dew Melon flavoured Italian Ice was! Sadly, they didn't have it when I visited. But here, check 'em out: Mariani's Italian Ice

50 pesos / scoop !

Thousand layered crepe. More like 28-layered! 

Look how soaked I am due to the oh-so random rain fall that night!! My flats were soaking wet, it felt so gross. :(

Bai and her college friends, Jess and Lean!

Mochiko's flavours just gets better and better! I usually order their Black Sesame, but I couldn't shake off the fact that they actually put one whole Oreo into the mochi ball! An Oreo addict like me certainly DID go crazy over it. :")

A weekend spent in The Fort is never complete without a good meal, your Jamba fix, and a pig-out session at Mercato Centrale. Despite the heavy rain fall and the scary thunder, it was a fun Friday spent with good company. Hoping that Sarah enjoyed her first night out in Manila. :)  


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