Monday, July 16, 2012

Kindred in Kaohsiung

The best times happen when you least expect them. I went to Taipei not knowing what to expect, armed with just my curiosity and zealous desire to experience the world. I came home not just with a trove of goodies, but a treasure of memories after bonding with my Mama Bernie. 

Honestly, I was a bit nervous before going because we've never really gotten the chance to bond before so I didn't know what to say, what we'd talk about, etc. but as time came I found myself not even having to try at all. 

Everything went great and conversations flowed without much effort. With her, things were just more interesting because I felt like everything she said had a bit of wisdom to it. It felt good to know that she believed in me so much and that there were a lot of things that interested us both. 

Meet my Mama Bernie!  

I always love when Japanese restaurants that have this kind of setting because it feels authentic. 

I loved the play of interior from wood to glass! It gave the place more character. 

I'd suggest you all to try this restaurant if and when you visit Kaohsiung, IF you do know how to read and speak chinese. Luckily, we had a local dine with us. 

I literally stopped and stared for seconds.. Rainbows always amuse me!

Our first appetizer.

Followed by the salad. 

Tempura! My favourite. :") (Still an appetizer)

I really loved their presentation!

I love Orange Chicken. Especially the one from Panda Express! Well, this was obviously served in a different way. This was their own version of Orange Chicken.

The fish dish my grama ordered. :)

Just when I thought after the main dish was over, there came more...

Absolutely loved how this place was so zen!

Outfit of the day:
Tank top: Bazaar - Cardigan: Mango
Skirt: TargetFlats: H&M - Shades: F21

I wasn't expecting much from this restaurant when we first entered but after seeing how they plated everything and after tasting all the dishes served to us, I was really impressed. Definitely quality over quantity. :) 

The quote I think that is most perfect for this entry is:
"No expectations; No disappointments."

Coincidentally it actually is my laptops background at the moment.

Thank you for such a pleasant and fruitful trip, Mama Bernie! Cheers to more soon. :) I love you to the moon and back! <3

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