Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scrumptious Saturday

I love the weekends! Then again, doesn't everybody? Food is probably one of the things I look forward to most when thinking of the weekend because I get to eat all my favourites. Here are just some to name a few...

AHHH! ienne's cupcakes. I remember having these cupcakes once before in the Bakers Fair at Rockwell where I usually am every weekend. Coming back the next weekend excited for more, ienne was a no show. :(

But I'm glad to say that... THEY'RE BACK! I don't know for how long, but I bought a bunch of cupcakes and was definitely a satisfied customer, as always. :) 

Everybody that knows me, knows my love for cupcakes! I can never have enough of 'em. I've tried quite a number from so many different places and I'd have to say that ienne's cupcakes would have to be one of my favourites!

They're not only eye-catching for their cutesy size, but I think they have the cutest paper liners! Definitely a treat for the eyes and the tummy. ;)

Outfit of the day:
Chiffon polo and Accessories: Taipei Market - 
Belt: Armani Exchange (from my dad's closet hihi) -
 Shorts: Mossimo - Bag: Hong Kong - Shoes: F21

I've been so into mullet tops nowadays and decided to try and put my own little twist to this polo of mine. Notice I only tucked in half of the polo? 

Meet my brother, Josh. The guy who takes majority of my photos. HEHE thank youuuu!

Outfit of the day:
Polo: Zara - Pants: H&M - Shoes: Sebago

White cheese pizza.

Three Mushroom Ravioli. -- A must try!

My mum and I had dessert at this cafe called Brida. It's located at the 2/F of Rockwell, in front of Topshop. (Weird thing about it is they don't even have a signage.) I just always remember it for the "onion ring" like lights you see on the ceiling. HEHE.

It's always inevitable that anything Red Velvet is put on the list of orders when my mum and I are together. 

Their Mango Torte is to die for! My personal favourite. :") The walnut crust is so delectable.

I went to Greenbelt afterwards to have dinner with Nick at Mr. Jones! I love diner type places and I think that this place has the cutest interior. Certainly a great ambience! :)

I've been hearing a lot of good things about their tapa, so we both ordered the same thing. 

It wasn't bad at all! I really enjoyed it. The serving size was just right for me and I eat a lot, so it might be too big for some of you. I'd definitely go back and try their milkshakes some time. They looked really good!

We went to The Fort afterwards and had dessert at my favourite gelato joint, Bar Dolci. 

I ordered the usual Ferrero and he ordered the Hazelnut drizzled with Nutella. Both equally great! 

Ravioli, Pizza, Cakes, Cupcakes, Tapa, and Gelato. One big FOOD TRIP! This is what usually happens during the weekends. Now you know why I love 'em so much. :") Hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry if it was quite long. 

For all you cupcake enthusiasts like myself, I suggest you try ienne's cupcakes. Let me know your experience goes and leave a comment down below. Have a happy weekend you guys! :) 


  1. try Mr. Jones' chili bowl and grilled cheese with alphabet soup :)

  2. WOW! that sounds mouth-watering. I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE. hehe thanks! I'll take note of that. :)

  3. How can you eat all of that and stay fit? What's your secret!
    Love your blog by the way I always visit. :)
    Keep doing what you're doing.

    Love from Cali! xx

  4. Aww, thank you! Means a lot to me that you like coming back. :)

    Well, I wouldn't call myself fit. I TRY to be though. I do the occasional yoga and I run and swim at times. :") Thanks for all the sweet words! Hehe.