Monday, July 2, 2012

Wide Awake

Like every other girl, I have this bad habit of "impulsive shopping" when things of the like are offered at a very low price. Everything you will see below are of 350 bucks and below. Majority of these dresses were only 140 bucks can you believe! So you can see why I went bonkers. HEHE.

A few people have been requesting that I make a separate post about the things I bought in the market while I was in Taiwan. Well, here are some of the outfits I put together! 

I have a certain addiction for bows, as you can see in this other post here. I found this belt really chic so I bought it in several colours. When there's an item I know I'd wear often or love, I buy them in different colours for more variations.

The possibilities are endless when you get the hang of accessorizing! ;)

I'm actually not big on skulls, but the I fell in love with the colour of this chiffon top so bought it anyway. 

This dress stood out among the dress mountain I was going through. It's physchedelic print really caught my attenion! I love dressing up in colour. I think that's why I love this dress so much. :)

Anybody watch New Girl? Well, I personally love the show! I think it's cute and funny. This dress really reminded me of Jess for some reason. Don't you think so?

I fell in love with this bag because I found the colour so refreshing. It's just the type of bag I should be using on a typically hot day here in the Philippines. 

There's nothing I love more than chiffon and detail! This dress was a bonus for me as it had both. :)

If there would be 5 things in my closet that I can't have enough of, it would have to be:

1.) Chiffon tops
2.) Tank tops
3.) Cardigans
4.) Shorts
5.) Flats/Sandals

These tops were only 200 bucks each, including the floral tank tops! It was definitely a good buy for me.

I've always wanted to buy a crochet designed cover-up but never got to because my mum would always say: "Sweetie, you're too young to be a granny!" 

She wasn't with me during this trip so there was nobody to stop me from buying it. No regrets though! I really do love it. It gives me this sort of comfort.. I mean, I love my gramas. :)

Wedges! One of my favourite pairs at the moment. I love it for its colour and height. A lot of people don't like when I wear heels because I look gigantic. But I really love how they elongate my legs to make them look thinner! 

I don't wear heels often because I would always choose comfort vs. style. But these wedges are definitely an exception as they are very comfortable!

So, I hope you enjoyed the photos! Watch out for these outfits as I'll definitely be wearing them sometime soon. ;))

I love Katy Perry and I find this song catchy like all her other songs. I found it quite relevant to the post. As silly as this is going to sound, always shop with opened eyes! Especially in markets where they sell things at a cheap price. They usually hide the good items in between other ensembles so just be patient! It will all be worth it in the end, really. 


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