Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Taipei Adventure: Day 1

Today marks the day of my Taipei adventure! I’m so thankful that they approved my visa the day before I left. (That was a close one, huh. HAHA!) My grama already bought my ticket and paid for all the expenses so I don’t know what I would’ve done if luck wasn’t on my side.

I’ve been to Taipei before, but only to its airport as it was my stop over before my trip to the US. …So that doesn’t really count.
I was thinking, 6 days in Taipei. Wow. Almost a weeks worth of new experiences! :)

I came to Taipei with my Mama Bernie for a Food Expo and other planned meetings with people in the horticulture industry that relates to her farm and also to try and get some suppliers for my business. 

This is what I wore, very touristy I know. Lol.

Outfit of the day:

Top: Mango - Pants: Promod 
Flats: H&M - Beret: St. James Bazaar 

We took the 12:45 flight via Eva Air which left almost an hour late. I really hate when flights are late/delayed! The Philippines would probably have the worst system. It isn't only traffic on the roads but it's also traffic up in the sky! *sigh* Nonetheless, it was all right because I got to catch up on sleep. I usually have the easiest time sleeping. (I love to sleep!) Although recently I’ve been sleeping quite late. So many things go through my head, sometimes I even give myself a headache. 

We got to our hotel which was in the middle of the city. It’s called “Gala Hotel”. We really liked it! Three things that make a good hotel for me is:

1.)                 Super comfy bed that won’t make me want to leave..
2.)                 Clean bathroom! (Super important.)
3.)     Wifi. (Need I say more?)

It had all of that, so I was real happy. :)

Dinner was planned by the group that we came here with. We had a wonderful and scrumptious dinner at the Dragon Restaurant. 

I love pecking duck but always hate it's affect on me afterwards! *sigh* The sacrifices I have to make just to eat...

I'm not really a fan of seafood. I'm more of a meat eater. I'm allergic to squid, so if having to choose, shrimp/prawn would definitely be my favourite. :)

When this came out, I was like great! Dessert already. (Thinking it was buchi.) But I was wrong. More food just kept coming still...

I normally don't eat much for dinner anymore because I hate going to bed feeling all bloated.. but tonight was an exception. How could I have said no to all this??

I couldn't have asked for a better meal to end my first day in Taipei. So thank you Mr. Philip Ong for a delightful dinner! 

 Hope you enjoyed this entry! Be sure to check out the next where I'll be talking about my market experience. :)

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