Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Taipei Adventure: Day 2

My second day in Taipei would have to be my favourite among the 6 other days spent there. Only because I felt like it was the day where I got to really appreciate the city. 

Here are some snapshots of places I visited and things I did that day.

This shot was taking around 9am when I had to walk over to the nearest bank to have my money changed. 
(Word of advice: Have your money changed in Manila before coming so you won't be charged extra. Also, they DO NOT change pesos.)

My grama and I came to Taipei on a business trip. To visit the Taipei Food Expo was one thing on the list. 

Beside me are other Filipinos who came with us on this trip. All who have their own businesses and own hectares of land around the Philippines! It was really interesting listening to all their backgrounds. :)

The yummiest egg tart I have ever tasted. I kept coming back for more! I probably had 8 of those. :")

Yes, there was free sushi!!

At the Japan booth. Part of my never ending bucket list is to visit Japan. :)

I had lunch at my favourite place where they serve the best Xiao Long Bao I have ever tasted! Din Tai Fung. :)

I got to visit the tallest building in Asia which stands 101 floors! (Hence the name, Taipei 101.) Honestly, not much to do up there but admire the whole city from the 88th floor. :)

I found these flowers real pretty! The colour, similar to my favourite tree: Cherry Blossom.

I also got to visit the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Not many people were there considering I went on a weekday so I got to really appreciate the whole place which was nice. :)

Thanks again for touring me around Taipei, Sab! Best tour guide ever. ;)

There's nothing I love more than nature. I honestly wished we had more parks instead of more malls in the Philippines! 

Such a tourist pose. HEHE. Forgive me, I'm sometimes awkward when a solo shot is being taken of me. :")

Later on that night, I was brought to the renowned Shilin Night Market where I got to eat yummy street food and shop at a very cheap price! *click here* for a look at my Taiwan Market Experience and *click here* for a glimpse of what I got to buy at the market. Enjoy! :)

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