Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's In My Bag?

So a number of readers have been messaging me wanting to know what I carry around inside my bag on a daily basis. I've actually gotten a number of friends ask me: "Can I look inside your bag?" Honestly, I find it odd and a bit nosy. Albeit, here's a glimpse anyway of what I bring with me everyday. :)

Yes, I carry that big bottle of Beauty Rush with me. My favourite scent is called: Candy Baby. A lot of my friends ask why I always smell of candy, now you know why. ;) 

Everybody knows my love for cupcakes, right? Well, check out my handy-dandy cupcake emergency kit!! One of my favourite gifts, ever. Thank you, Ate Iya! :) 

"Once you go Mac, you never go back."

Downside to the iPhone like any other smart phone: Short battery span. 

Solution? This little gadget right here! It charges my phone quickly without any outlet source. It's amazing. Although now there are even cases with extra battery packs! Available in any Apple store. I suggest you check it out! :)

Some of my friends say I'm like the easter bunny because I always have candy in my bag! ...Also one reason as to why I'm always so hyper. EHEHE. :") 

The ever so reliable Denman brush. I've had this for about 9 years now and it still works well! You can find this at any Beauty Bar outlet. :) 

I actually just ran out of tissue, but here are the other things I bring around under the hygiene department. 

My PocketBac hand-santizer from Bath 'n Body Works, Lysol Disinfectant Spray, and Toilet Seat covers which you can get at any Watsons outlet nearby. :) 

(I hate that we have to buy toilet seat covers here, where it's actually a necessity in most restrooms abroad.)

Don't you just love this quill pen? A gift from Anton Mendoza and Alexa Abangan. :)

Never know when you're going to need sunnies! 

I sometimes misplace my shades, so I can never find it in myself to get original Ray-Bans. Though these wayfarers from Forever 21 are more than enough for me. 

P.S. meet my Care Bear, Lily the Lilac Lolli bear!

Gotta bring around my car keys ofcourse. Hehe my mum got me this keychain at Universal 'cause she knew how much I loved Gingy from Shrek! 

"Nooo. Not the gumdrops!"

I'm the type of girl who doesn't stick to only one bag. I probably change it every week, so to save me the hassle of transferring each and every one of these items, I use this bag organizer I got as a christmas gift. 

It's super useful really! Before I got this, my bag was one big mess. If you don't already have one, I suggest you get one! It's available in a lot of different sizes, colours, and designs. Just go to any SM department store. I've seen a few that caught my eye just recently. :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post! For anymore suggestions to what you want to read about whether it be about places you want me to try, questions about fashion, and anything really! Just comment down below, tweet me at @ArellanoAlyssa, or e-mail me at alyssalopezarellano@gmail.com <3


  1. How much is the kensington charger? I like :)

  2. I'm not quite sure how much my dad got the Kensington for because he bought it in Hong Kong. But he bought a case for his iPhone just recently it's called 'iBattz' it cost him less than PHP 2,000 and he's super happy with it. It doesn't look bulky, too. Maybe you can opt for that instead? :)