Friday, August 17, 2012

Dengue Season

The weather in Manila has been so sporadic. One day it rains, the next day it's all sunny. Rainy seasons just means -- Dengue season...

A few days ago, my brother was checked into the hospital because he was said to be positive for Dengue. I've never gotten Dengue before, neither has anybody in my family. So I got really scared for reasons being that people do actually die from it. Thankfully, his case wasn't that bad.

His fever was intermittent. Apparently, it's worse when your fever goes down...

I will forever hate hospitals. Needles. Injections. Blood. AHHH. 

I brought him a book I finished reading a few weeks back. It's quite a good read! Concise, and straight to the point. Really heart-warming, too. :)

I love that St. Lukes has such great food choices! From Bizu, Mary Grace, and Dairy Queen. :")

I always eat in those places, so I decided to try something new! Market on 5th Avenue, some what I guess like their cafeteria? :)

Surprisingly good Yema Cake!!

Ordered Tocino for dinner. Just what I was craving for! Thank god they have 'All-day breakfasts'.

Josh can't eat anything dark colored. So I guess these donuts are mine! WAHAHA.

*All photos taken from my iPhone*

Please pray for him. I really do hope that my brother gets better! My prayers go out to all those who have Dengue now, too. Hope everyone stays safe! 

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