Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jolly John Hay

Everytime we're up in Baguio, Camp John Hay is always always part of our itinerary. It's actually only one of the few times I'd rather walk than take a car. The weather is always chilly (even during the summer). That is actually why we Filipinos call it the summer capital of the Philippines. People like going up to Baguio to getaway from all the heat else where. 

Apart from the beach, Baguio would be have to be part of my favourite Philippine getaway. :) 

Riding horses would be part of our itinerary as well as a kid, but we stopped doing it as teenagers. Mainly because, some horses looked sickly and we felt bad for them. 

The smelling of pine trees and just admiring all of natures beauty is one of the reasons why I love walking in Baguio so much. 

It's never a great trip without taking cheesy photos like these that will make you just laugh in the future. ;)

I always find myself to be extremely lucky with butterflies when taking photos at The Manor! This was third time I caught such a photo. :)

What I had for lunch at The Manor! Baby back ribs, my favourite!! Which by the way, I had everyday this whole trip. First at Baguio Country Club, then The Manor, and The Forest House. I'd have to say out of the three, The Manor's was my favourite. :)

If staying at the Baguio Country Club wasn't such a tradition, I'd opt for The Manor. I've only stayed there twice, but each time I visit, I always leave with a smile. The people are all very pleasant and the place is just absolutely breath taking! :)

Every Christmas season, they adorn The Manor with all these perfect photo-op pieces. 

Like my favourite one from two years ago, the little candy house! 

I love how we're all colour coordinated and didn't even have to plan it! :")

My Outfit of the day:

Chiffon top, Shades & Brown Boots: Forever 21 - Denim shorts: American Eagle - High socks: Karl Edwards Bazaar - Brown belt: Armani Exchange - Gold necklace & Bangles: The Ramp

Forgive me for another cheesy shot. Ableit, you've got to admit jumping shots are the cutest! 

Ended our second day at Baguio by visiting some of Baguio's scariest places! First this cemetery, then the Hiatt Hotel (which is no longer existent due to the infamous Baguio earthquake.) I'm not just saying this, but we all really did feel eerie!!! But that might just be the nerves speaking. I mean, I'm not exactly known to be the bravest. So by visiting those places I tried conquering my fear a tad bit. 

My uncle told me once that I should do something that scared me every now and then so I could try and face my fears one step at a time. 

I'm not saying I'm not anymore scared of the dead and the dark, but I'm getting there... or at least, I think I am. :P

The New Years coming up, and I suggest you go and give it a try! ;) For whatever your fear may be. 

For a better glimpse on the whole trip, check out the video I made:

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