Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resorts World Made Me Miserable!!

How ironic is it that when I do actually feel like this year is gonna be a great one, my first blog entry of the year isn't the wonted happy or positive entry... 

Last night, I was invited by VISA who was invited by Resorts World Manila to partake in the advanced screening of the much awaited film 'Les Miserables'. Being the "broadway-buff" that I am, I've been counting on the days 'till the film. So when I found out that we had tickets to the screening a week in advanced (for the reason being that it will start showing publicly during the 16th) I was exuberant!! 

The event was quite elegant as people were dressed up in gowns and the like. A number of socialites partook in the event as well, probably just as excited as I was. (I mean, who ISN'T excited to see this film!?)

 I've attended a number of premieres at Resorts World Manila, but this was the first premiere I attended that was going to be held in their "renowned" Performing Arts Theatre. The event was quite promising as a few of Philippine's pre-eminent singers sang 'Les Miserables' songs and paid tribute to the movie. The performances were okay. Not bad but not great either. I guess it was because of the sound system or their lack of voice control over the microphone. Some parts were actually painful towards the ears... 

After their "fifteen minute" intermission before the showing, they announced saying that they needed five minutes more. *my impatient self began to time them..* Five minutes then turned into forty... I was getting so antsy!! I could already spot people leaving here and there. I would've probably been less pissed if they allowed food inside or the theatre had good working wifi. But, NO. Resorts World Manila, made everybody wait an excruciating one hour just to say that they were having technical difficulties and that they couldn't show the movie. I was undeniably pissed and seriously at loss for words!!! I was just like "WTF?!JSHJD?!" I honestly felt bad for the people who took their time to get ready for this poorly planned event. 

They even announced saying that everybody inside would have access to watch Les Miserables for free only due to AVAILABILITY!? GEEZ. The least they should do is reserve one whole cinema to accommodate the ones who wasted their time just sitting there... 

Resorts World Manila, seriously does have to think of a way to make-up for this horrible experience!! It was pure disappointment.

Despite this rant, how was your New Years? I wish you all a great year ahead and hope you keep reading my blog. :)

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