Monday, February 11, 2013

My Japan Adventure: Day 1

I feel extremely annoyed at myself for becoming so lazy. Not really the best thing to be, especially just because the years only starting... 

Apologies aside, I'm here to talk about how I began my year with a bang! A lot of you may know that my dream really is to go around the world and one of the countries I dreamed to visit was Japan. Well, surprise surprise, guess who got to check that off her bucket list last January! 

I was so thankful to have passed the Japan airport without having to be quarantined!! A few days before our trip, I felt really ill. I had a body ache like I'd never felt before, cough and colds which I rarely even get, and a fever. Talk about BAD TIMING?! 

So because of that, I didn't get to go to the Swedish House Mafia concert. *tears* I was bedridden and was given a whole lot of medication. From antibiotics, anti-allergy medicine, and vitamins. Eeeek. 

Thankfully my fever went away the day of our departure. Albeit, my body ache and cough and colds still stayed. 

This was right outside the airport. We're all smiling yet dying for warmth on the inside. It was about -2 degrees when we arrived!! Brrr.

Meet my brother, Josh plus my two family friends Alby and Pam. I traveled with them to Japan along with our parents and baby sister, Toni. :)

We stayed at the Universal Studios hotel, which I really loved! Funny thing was, we didn't even get to go to Universal Studios because we decided to go to other places around Japan instead. We also figured it probably wouldn't suffice to the one we visited in America anyway. 

Was room mates with Josh and Alby! Only girl, again. :( #WhatsNew HAHAHA. 

I loved how the room had three beds! We all got to sleep well without having to share. Haha. Also loved how the shower and toilet had separate doors. WHICH I forgot to take a photo of, shucks. They had complete toiletries and more which we all absolutely loved and a toilet that automatically did things like flush, clean, and massage. It was amazing!

Because we arrived quite late, we decided to go to Lawsons (somewhat like their Mini Stop / 7 11) and get some dinner. 

Check it out! Ready made soft-serve. Hihi.

Lawsons food wasn't all that bad! We actually all enjoyed it very much. We all actually wished that the convenience stores here in the Philippines would serve good quality food like theirs. 

You've got NO IDEA how excited I was to wake up the next day and really start my Japan Adventure. :D 

So watch out for my next post!

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