Sunday, June 10, 2012

Change of Plans

Today, The Pettersen's and I planned for a trip to Tagaytay for lunch at Antonio's but due to an emergency we stayed in Manila and had dinner instead. My mum introduced us all to this Thai restaurant called Mango Tree

I love Thai food! I'm a girl who loves flavour more than anything. So whether it be sweet, sour, and spicy.. you name it, I love it. When Thai food comes to mind, Peoples Palace would be my ultimate favourite! But I must say that, things may change after trying Mango Tree. :)

Mango Tree is located at the new High Street extension (Where Jamba Juice is, in front of Kabisera and Pancake House.) You definitely won't miss it as its facade is simple and modern yet extremely eye-catching.

I personally love their high ceilings because it gives an elegant feel to your dining experience. 

Pomelo salad with fresh prawns and grated coconut. 

Pandan chicken with tamarind sauce. 

I always smell my food before I eat it. It's a weird habit, I know. So with that being said, I really enjoyed this dish because the pandan leaves gave such a great aroma. 

Pad Thai: Thai stir-fried rice noodles with prawns.

Never was there a time where we didn't order this when eating at a Thai restaurant. 
It's a safe yet satisfying choice.

Sweet 'n Sour Sea Bass.

Green Beef Curry.

I'm a fan of chicken curry, but I really enjoyed this version too. It wasn't too sweet neither was it too spicy. It went perfectly well with the sticky rice (photo below) that we had ordered separately. 

SIBERIAN HUSKIES! My favourite big dog breed, forever.  These two specifically look like statues don't you think? :)

High Street would probably be one of my favourite places to be at night. The open space, nature, and modern architecture never fail to catch my attention.

We had dessert at Slice. I've tried their confections once or twice before and I'd have to say that they aren't all that bad. 

Pia Cayetano - Senator and Triathlete owns this cafe. With triathlete being said, you know you'd find a few healthy and natural products. 

I ordered this the first time I visited because it's piping design on top caught my eye. Claudia ordered it this time and enjoyed it. It's really no wonder why this is their best selling chocolate cupcake. I mean, you'd be crazy not to love chocolate AND yema!

I ordered the Turtle Pie, Clara ordered the Red Velvet Cake and 
Josh ordered the Chocolate Yema cake which was basically the bigger version of the cupcake beside it.

 Turtle Pie: I really enjoyed it! I'd have to say one of the yummiest Oreo crusts I've ever tried. Great play of textures and taste.
Red Velvet Cake: This was good and moist. The cream cheese frosting wasn't too heavy either. Just wished it was chilled.
Chocolate Yema: The chocolate buttercream and yema put together may be quite filling, but all in all it was a yummy cake!

Clara ordered the Chocolate Stirrers. Which was basically warm milk poured over a block of chocolate to help melt it. Just an innovative way of serving hot chocolate, I guess?
It must've been really good because she finished every last drop of milk poured into the cup. 

Meet my beautiful neighbors! Clara and Claudia. :)

Mum's Outfit for the day:

Dress: Mosaic - Chained Necklace: Bazaar
Bag: ALDO Accessories Shoes: Charles & Keith

Outfit for the day: 

Dress and Sandals: F21 - Cardigan: New Look
Peace Necklace: St. James Bazaar

Sorry for the long post! I hope you did enjoy it though. For all you Thai lovers, health conscious-food enthusiasts out there, I suggest you try Mango Tree and Slice! Hope you guys have a great experience like I did and let me know how YOUR experience goes! :)

7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 
Telephone Number: +632 217-2367 

( I suggest you make a reservation in advanced before dining at Mango Tree, because it's usually full.)

7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central (Beside Jamba Juice)
 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 
Telephone Number: +632 565-1998