Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day and Night

"We accept the love we think we deserve."
                                                      - Stephan Chbosky
                                                                        The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Hello, who ever you are reading this right now. :) Can I just be the random girl that I am and say that I'm really excited for the 14th of September!! Why? Well, because The Perks of Being a Wallflower's coming out! *Click the link to watch the trailer*  

I read the book exactly a year ago and remember finishing it so quickly because it was such an easy read. Not exactly the most easy going book you'll find due to the discussion of drug usage and profanity, but it definitely is worth your while.

After selling about a million copies, they decided to turn this book into a movie. A movie which I am quite excited for because it stars both Logan Lerman (Percy from Percy Jackson) and Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter). I just hope that they're consistent with how the book was written. 

Okay, enough of the randomness. So I was dismissed early from school today and decided to have a little photo shoot at the park. Notice that I'm wearing the same outfit but changed the accessories? Hope this post helps you mix and match your outfits, too. :)


Chiffon Top, High waisted pants, Shades: F21
Wedges: Parisian

I absolutely love these wedges! They're extremely comfortable and I love its colour. Such a great buy considering it was only P699.00

Quilted bag: Thrifted - Necklace: Market Market
Bracelet - Made by me - Flower Brooch/Clip: F21


I love this "believe" bracelet I got from Cotton On in Singapore! Despite its dark colour, I find that this bracelet keeps me positive throughout the day. :)

Neck piece: The Ramp - Chained clutch: Hong Kong

Heels: People Are People 
I don't only love these shoes for it's height and design, but also because I have the same pair as my great friend, Mirabai Sebastian

Sorry for the lack of creativity of my blog title. It seriously isn't the most easy task you know. But I hope you did get why I entitled it Day and Night. Hope this entry inspired you to mix and match! Know that you don't have to wear your favourite outfit in one way only. ;)

Directed and Photographed byJoshua Lopez Arellano

P.S. Happy birthday to the coolest Grampa in the world! Popi, if you're reading this I just want to take the time to tell you how much you mean to me and that I love you to the moon and back. <3 

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