Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life with Colour

In middle school, I was known to be the girl who wore rainbow socks. I'd wear it with anything! At times with things that honestly didn't even match, but I never cared as long as I got to wear them. 

Just like Jenna Hamilton from Awkward, she wore her socks for good luck. I don't remember a time when I had a bad day while wearing them. I guess that's one reason why I loved 'em so much. :)

As Grade 11 came, I noticed that my style started to change. I started wearing neutral colours and the prints I wore weren't as loud. And sadly, found my rainbow socks just gathering dust deep inside my closet. 

Some people actually noticed and even asked "How come you aren't so colourful anymore?" I would reply "I dunno, I just didn't feel like it today." Thinking: 'Did my style change that much? Do people think I'm boring just because I stopped dressing up colourfully?' 

Then there came a point in my life where I started learning how to dress up in colour again, yet still keeping that sense of class.

I love fashion, I do. But I'm not really one to buy fashion magazines and pay attention to any of the designers. Although I think if I had to have a fashion icon, one of them would be Lauren Conrad. She's actually the reason why I started braiding my hair again. I love how she looks when she's put all together. Simple, yet classy. :)

Outfit of the day:

Top, High shorts and Heels: F21 - Belt: Babo (I actually have a white version that I wore here.) - Bangles: The Ramp
Sling clutch: A gift from my friend Clara

As you've noticed RedTurqouise, and Plum are all very dominating colours yet I felt that it came together pretty well. So never be afraid to mix and match colours and textures when you put together your outfit!

Have a happy day and don't forget to live your life in colour. :)

Directed and Photographed by: Joshua Lopez Arellano


  1. I looove everything about your outfit <3 I was eyeing those heels when I went to f21 the other day but they didn't have a size for me na :( stay colorful and chic, sergeant cupcake. ;) hihi guess who

  2. Aww, I know who you are. :> Yeah, I bought those around christmas time? Hehe thanks lexa! <3

  3. Who takes your pictures? You look amazing!! :)

  4. HAHA thanks alyssa! my younger brother usually takes 'em. :)