Monday, May 14, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day

Antonio's, located at Tagaytay is one of the recommended destination spots if you're looking for great food, great ambiance, and just a wonderful experience all together.

It's been there for almost 10 years now and it was my first time coming. My mum's been there a number of times already and all the comments I heard about this place were good, so imagine how excited I was to go!

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation when visiting Antonio's. Mother's Day is said to be the most popular event/holiday in the Philippines. Even more popular than Christmas can you believe? So we made reservations a week in advanced. 

Food there is quite pricy but you're definitely paying for quality food and a delightful experience.

This is the first room you see upon entering the beautiful house of Antonio. 

I loved everything about the house! From the flooring, to the interior, and the rustic chandeliers. The house was tropical meets mediterranean that gave an old and spanish feel to it.

Meet my beautiful mother! 

The yummy dalandan juice that came in a carafe.

I loved how their ice was made with the juice itself as well. 

We were first served with Sauvignon Blanc.

We started off with the "Foie Gras Three Way Fresh Mesclun Salad" which consisted of greens dressed in raspberry vinegrette and shaved parmesan, White asparagus wrapped in cheese, and pan seared Foie Gras which is basically  made of goose or duck liver. 

(I myself am not so adventurous when it comes to food, so I was quite scared to try it. But it turned out to be really yummy! It had a melt in your mouth feel to it. But the after taste felt so fatty I only ate half of it.)

We were served a cream based soup afterwards.

Then a scoop of watermelon flavored sorbet to cleanse the pallet for the up and coming meal.

Mashed potato with vegetable coulis was served in the shape of a duck,
 which I found really cute.

Then the meal that everybody was waiting for! The Angus Beef Ribeye Steak with shredded onion rings cooked to perfection. 

I'm a big fan of steak and we usually have it cooked to medium rare and have some rock salt on the side. It's the best combination, really! I suggest you try it. :)

Chocolate pavlova with slivered almonds was the last of our Mother's Day special. It was really yummy! One of the best pavlova's I've tried. The meringue was cooked to perfection and it wasn't too sweet either. The serving was just the right amount. 

The cute garden! Which sadly did not get to take photos in because it started to rain heavily. 

My weekend pig-out buddies. :) 

My outfit for the day:

Floral brooch: F21 - Cardigan: F21 - Ruffled tank: F21 - High waisted denim shorts: Zara - Chained quilted pouch:   Market in Hong Kong - Bangles: Bazaar - Shoes: H&M

If you haven't been to Antonio's, I highly recommend it! I will never forget my first experience and I'm already looking forward to going back. :)

Antonio's Restaurant @ Tagaytay:
For directions and reservations: Call +63918-899-2866


  1. Hi Alyssa!

    You didn't tell us you have a blog!! Love your posts and I hope you keep blogging! I love your photo with your mom! You're both so pretty! :)

  2. Hey Alyssa! Haha, love your name. ;)

    Yeah, I got shy. :") But thanks so much for that comment! I love when people say they love visiting my blog (even if I just started 2 weeks ago) because it gets me writing and thinking of more posts. :)

    I'll tell her you said that! Hihi thanks again. See you friday. <3