Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Singapore Adventure!

Come on a ride with me as I reminisce on my Singapore adventure last February of 2012. :)

P.S. Just to warn you, this may be photo heavy. 

Traveling is one of my favourite pastimes. Part of my bucket list is to travel around the world. I love everything about it! The thrill of experiencing new things just makes me happy. :)

This trip was very memorable because it had a lot of firsts. 

1.) It was my first time to travel alone (well, with my brother) to a different country that is.

2.) It was my first time visiting what is known to be the cleanest country in the world, Singapore

3.) It was my first time to watch Wicked!!

My mum even made us step-by-step note cards to follow as we embarked on our little journey. 

My brother and I were extremely scared traveling without a parent, but afterwards loved the experience and asked to travel without a parent again. HAHA.

We stayed at The Fairmont Hotel. It was pretty awesome because it was connected to a mall! So Josh and I went around while waiting for our mum.

We were both famished. We wanted to try Skinny Pizza, and our meal consisted of this...

We ordered their best selling pizza, which was "The English Breakfast". It was pretty good! We really enjoyed it. The crust was crisp and the toppings were really fresh.

As we were reading the menu, we couldn't help but order this. It was a pretty safe choice, but it was a good choice too. I'm a big pasta lover and mozzarella is one of my favourite cheeses'. 

We were surprised with assorted macarons from Canele in our hotel room. I personally love macarons. I've tasted quite a number of them already and I would have to say that this is one of my favourites. The shell is crisp but moist and it is generously filled with buttercream or ganache. I was very satisfied. :)

On our first night, we took a stroll down the most popular shopping enclave in the city of Singapore, Orchard Road
Visited a few stores and did a bit of shopping but had to go because they were preparing to close.

When traveling, I try to bring ensembles that I can pair with several outfits like this denim jacket and my brown sandals that go with mostly everything.

Outfit of the day: 
Grey dress: Topshop - Braided belt & Denim jacket: F21
Sandals: H&M - Peace necklace: Bazaar


Being the Ice Cream lover that I am, I was very excited for the Ben 'n Jerry's scoopery! 

Taking the train is the most common source of transportation in Singapore. I wasn't as stressed because unlike the Philippines, it was very clean and organized. 

For lunch on our second day, we decided to eat in Din Tai Fung. It was awarded one Michelin star as one of the world's Top 10 Best Restaurants in the New York Times. 

If you guys haven't tried it, I highly recommend that you do! It seriously was the best Xiao Long Bao I've tasted. We ordered 30 pieces and had 10 each. HAHAHA the little fatties inside of us came out. 

Couldn't help but have my photo taken with the Abercrombie floor models because I found their polaroids so cute. 
Had an early dinner at Mozza. Mario Batali's restaurant! Everything we ordered was good. The margarita pizza infused with truffle oil was my personal favourite. :)

Wicked, the reason why we went to Singapore in the first place. I was at a loss for words as it was definitely the best broadway play I've seen so far! 

 I love musical theatre! As I myself, loved to perform as a child. 

Wicked was too amazing for words. I was getting "goosies" as they were opening the curtains. The cast was from Australia and not New York, but they did exceptionally well! I seriously couldn't find anything wrong with the performance. Usually, there's someone that isn't so great vocally, or the costumes are tacky, or the set was just so-so. But this show was perfect! 

Got to have our photo taken with the actor that played Fiyero!

It was inevitable that I would love Singapore because of it's utter cleanliness, but I also really fell in love with the city's architecture. It was all so refreshingly modern. 

Being a kid at heart, I couldn't pass on not visiting Universal Studios! It's much smaller compared to the one we visited in LA but it was still fun. :)

I'm not much of an adventurous person when it comes to rides. I'm terrified of roller coasters that have loops because I had a very traumatizing experience as a kid, but rides like these I can do. 

We waited in line for about an hour with no exaggeration. I almost wanted to leave because I was really hungry. (What's new. HAHA!) But I'm glad we didn't because it was really awesome! It was a 4D stimulation ride, and I didn't want it to end. 

I actually liked how this shot turned out! I didn't even have to edit it because the natural light was good enough. 

I couldn't help but buy this at the candy store! I love Kinder Bueno and I absolutely love white chocolate. 

To be honest, it wasn't all that great. The original is still so much better! 

We had a chinese dinner at the Fullerton Hotel over looking the beautiful Marina Bay Sands.

We ordered the usual Sweet 'n Sour Pork because it's our ultimate chinese favourite! It was good, but we weren't really used to eating it because it wasn't boneless. 

Being the tourists that we are, we took the Singapore Flyer. The world's largest giant observation wheel!

Our experience was so much more memorable on the giant wheel because somebody proposed in the same chamber as us. With 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri, A bouquet of flowers, and a ring in his hand. It was just so sweet, I couldn't help but smile. :)

The infamous Merlion, which is used as the mascot of Singapore. Definitely one of the tourist-y places when visiting.

My outfit for the day: 
Striped top: F21 - High waisted pants: Zara
Flats: H&M - Necklace : Bazaar

Forgive us for my mum wanted to take a cheesy tourist shot. HAHA.

The book I was reading on the way back. It's entitled The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks, as cliché as it may sound he is one of my favorite authors. :")

Thanks for coming with me on this journey to Singapore! I know it was really photo heavy and quite long but I hope you did enjoy reading it. 

So what do YOU love doing in Singapore? :)

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